So I’m actually not that far away from hitting that magical 1000 follower milestone. And I have no idea how or why I got that many (I blame Nili), but I actually do really appreciate you all being here.

And, in honor of hitting my 1000, I’m going to do a giveaway of sorts for my followers. And just for my followers, because I’m doing this out of appreciation rather than generosity.

If you follow me and you like this post, I’ll enter you into a list. And, after I hit 1000 followers, I’ll pick five urls from the list, and if you’re selected I’ll crochet you a scarf from a Hogwarts house of your choosing and mail it to you, even internationally.

Bolded because bold means important. But, really, it’s fairly simple. If you’re selected, I’ll message you, and you’ll just have to tell me your house, your height, and your address. But I also make no promises on when you’ll get any of these except probably before Christmas. I crochet pretty quickly, but I’m fairly busy outside of tumblr these days; but I do promise I’ll get them done and sent out as quickly as I can.

But, seriously, everyone — thanks for following me. I honestly don’t deserve any of you, and none of you have ever been anything but sweet to me, so thank you. I’d make a scarf for every single one of you if I could, so five is really the least I could do to show my appreciation. I love you all!

I think I’m going to finish this up tonight, so make sure you’ve liked or reblogged before then if you’re interested!

This is the last post, y’all, I promise! But I’m going to end it in a few minutes or so, so it’s your last chance on these awesome (mediocre) scarves!

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