doctor who meme | ten episodes — bad wolf

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#doctor who #rose tyler #bad wolf #*** #dwmeme #okay so when i chose my ten episodes i knew i absolutely wanted to do bw/potw #because it's such a beautiful finale and the perfect culmination of the doctor and rose's story arcs #of rose taking power by becoming the bad wolf and the doctor finding his humanity by sacrificing his life for hers #and i think most people would choose potw because it has those final gorgeous moments #but i wanted to choose bad wolf because it's such an undervalued episode #because behind every good finale is a great set up and there is no better set up than bad wolf #i mean you have that wonderfully camp reality show beginning #which so captures the playfulness of dw #and then it all just falls to pieces #first the doctor loses rose and realizes how much she means to him which sets up his sacrifice later #and then you have the bad wolf redherring where you think it's the space station so rose's path is a total surprise #and then oh god the controller #you beautiful flawless character who had a full story arc of gaining independence from complete oppression in a single episode #and lynda with a y oh lynda with a y #you are every companion who never was every one of us who wants to go on these adventures but will never get a chance #every companion who sacrificed herself for the universe before she even got the chance to see it #and that final scene of the doctor seeing the daleks and rose and realizing there's no way out but he'll save everyone he can #his arc culminates in saving rose but it begins here when he starts saving humanity not as a duty but because it is full of people he loves #ugh i have a lot of bad wolf feelings apparently #my meta #because fuck you it counts