I wanna be you:

1. Katie McGrath.

Endless List of Flawless Babes
Katie McGrath (1/??)

"I hadn’t acted much. I’d been in school plays, but I wasn’t a drama-school kid and my family aren’t performers."

I was looking at these actresses sort of sitting around under umbrellas, people bringing them cold drinks and I was like, ‘That looks so much easier than what I’m doing’ and I was so wrong.

"I just want to do good work. If it’s shot in Hungary, if it’s shot in Russia, if it’s shot in America, if it’s shot in England, you just want to do something you can stand up and say I’m proud of it."

"The second the shades are lowered, and you’re confronted with those huge jade-green eyes and heart-shaped Victorian heroine face, you can see in an instant why directors have been falling over themselves to cast her in fantasy fairy-tale roles."